We represent the ghosts that guard your repo holes
we reach in
we pull
we push
with our fists if we have to
lying on a bed of money
ejaculating bile into the faces of women and children
and if you are not us
God help you


What have we become
a nation of bullies
a nation of shamers and blamers
we’d rather yell
at mothers
at children
at refugees and immigrants
Than face the fact that we are acting like spoiled babies
Let’s elect one
That will make things great again


One ounce
of the energy
in metric tons of hate
when the shit hits the fan
would be a force-multiplier
for stopping
whatever happens
when the broken heart
begins to bleed


Someone slipped on Broadway today
comic pratfall then the struggle to get back on their feet
a vaudeville of petty inconveniences
I laughed a little
We’ve all been there
A little practice knock on death’s door
Laughing nervously, hoping no one answers
And ready to run if they do

The Stage

Its all a sham
When the thing just breaks and there’s no one to care
You can throw the pieces down and make a bigger mess
Or kick them and break your foot
Your brow is sagging into your eyes
But it doesn’t matter
Because the spark behind them has gone dark.
When its over the lights go down the show is over
But you are not on stage or in the audience
You are the darkness